• Mixed (Residential and Commercial)
  • No refunds
  • Breedables welcome please read the covenant
  • Music stream access 
  • Deedable to personal group
  • Terraform Rights
  • Staging is optional will count against overall prims if kept
  • Skyboxes 1000m and above 
  • Right of return 
  • No prim walls allowed
  • Restarted Daily

Fenrir Isle IAH #166.116 - Full Homestead


  • Stunning Snow terrain with stone outcrop at high elevation.
  • Stone stairs, lead to the overview.
  • Staged as shown, Rent today and change it to your dream!!
  • Full Land Rights  ( Estate manager rights )
  •  65536m, 5000 prims, L$6999/week

Tyria IAC #64.64 Double Prim


  • Stunning mossy green terrain 
  • Parcel outlined Moss covered rock cliffs, with waterfalls
  • Come see the Waterfall and Realistic River SEE to BELIEVE 
  •  16384m, 7500 prims, L$4500/week

Atiyas Landing IAC #64.191


  • Stunning mossy green terrain 
  • Parcel outlined rock cliffs, with waterfalls
  • This 1/4 Corner wont last long 
  • 16384m, 5000 prims, L$3740/week 

Odins Rest IAW #32.160


  • Stunning sugary white sand
  • Breathtaking sunset out on the horizon
  • Some awesome views snag this while its still here! 
  • Set up with a unfurnished castle and cliffs all optional 
  •  4096m, 1250 prims, L$1063/week 

PartyTopia IAW #32.160


  • Gorgeous mossy green grass 
  • Stunning view of the sunset off on the horizon! 
  • Come snag this waterside parcel today! 
  • Set up with optional cliffs and waterfalls 
  •  4096m, 1250 prims, L$1063/week 

Thors Stand IAW #224.160


  • A stunning blend of delicate pink flowers and mossy green grass
  • Double prim waterside parcel 
  • Parcel is outlined with optional inverse cliffs and some landscaping 
  •  4096m, 1875 prims, L$1500/week  

Excalibur Days IAC #224.32


  • Sunrise corner!
  • Spring like grass terrain 
  • Breathtaking view of the water out on the horizon! 
  • Snag this one today! 
  • Outlined with optional mossy cliffs
  •  4096m, 1250 prims, L$1125/week 

Thors Stand IAW #96.224


  • Stunning blend of mossy grass and delicate pink flowers 
  • Located on our double prim sim 
  • Breathtaking view of the water out on the horizon 
  • Outlined in optional trees 
  •  4096m, 1875 prims, L$1500/week 

Thors Stand IAW #160.224


  • Delicate blend of pink flowers and mossy grass
  • Stunning waterside parcel 
  • Optional unfurnished home with some landscaping added
  •  4096m, 1875 prims, L$1500/week