Thors Stand IAW #95.227


   Located on a staff favorite sim.  This lovely double prim parcel is covered with little flowers and lush green grass.  A fantastic spot to set up a little wooden cabin getaway, create a business, or toss up a skybox!

 4096m, 1875 prims, L$1500/week 

Excalibur Days #IAC 32.224


Nestled on the corner of the sim and has a amazing view of the sunset off in the distance! Covered in windswept golden sand and emerald green grass this parcel is a great spot for a tropical hideaway! Set up a tree house, cabin, beached house, cabin, buisness or skybox just to name a few! Come snag this one while you can! 

  4096m, 1250 prims, L$1162/week 

Excalibur Nights IAC #223.223


Nestled on the corner of the sim, delicate pink flowers, green grass and golden sand blended together great you on this sunrise spot! Great for a family home, business or skybox! These don't last long come snag it today! 

 4096m, 1250 prims, L$1162/week