*Adult* Island/Estate

  •  Mixed unless otherwise specified

                  (Residential and Commercial)

  • No refunds
  • Music stream access 
  • Deedable to personal group
  • Terraform Rights
  • Staging is optional will count against overall prims if kept
  • Skyboxes 1000m and above 
  • Right of return 
  • No prim walls allowed
  • Restarted Daily

Mercury Rise IAW#190.223


  • Mossy green terrain 
  • Stunning waterside view 
  • Breedables welcome please read the covenant 
  • 48 m X 68 m
  •  3264m, 996 prims, L$897/week 

Excalibur Dreams IAW #192.96


  • Marshy emerald green terrain 
  • 1/8th Sunrise waterside parcel! 
  • Breedables welcome please read the covenant 
  • 128m x 64m
  • Outlined in marshy cliffs (optional) 
  •  8192m, 2500 prims, L$2063/week 

Excalibur Days IAI #108.160


  • Stunning blend of spring grass and golden sand 
  • Breedables welcome please read the covenant
  • 88m x 64m
  • Set up with a unfurnished house and some landscaping (optional) 
  •  5632m, 1718 prims, L$1547/week 

Excalibur Days IAC #33.33 1/8th Corner


  • Covered in a bled of wind swept sand and spring like grass
  • Sunset corner
  • Breedables welcome please read covenant
  • 128m x 64m
  • Outlined with beach cliffs (optional)
  •  8192m, 2500 prims. L$2188/week 

Tyria IAI #96.96 DOUBLE PRIM


  • Covered in a blend of stunning clovers and mossy green grass
  • Breedables welcome please read the covenant 
  • 64m X 64m 
  • Set up with cliff and waterfall landscaping (optional) 
  •  6096m, 1875 prims, L$1125/week,