Excalibur Rentals island estate covenant

Welcome to Excalibur Rentals, Provider of this Island Estate. Established 2005

**This is subject to change as we see fit, or to meet SL TOS rules, we will give as much notice as possible to any changes through group notices, make sure to regularly check group notices**




BREEDABLES:  Breedables are welcome

*Breedables of  ALL kinds MUST be limited to 10 on ground level. All animations MUST be turned off.  Any other number of Breedables *must* be kept on a platform at least 1000 meters in the air.

-  If seen using too many scripted objects you will  be asked to reduce the amount of scripts you are using for the overall health of the sim. 

* Temp Rezzers that cause the sim performance to suffer are not allowed. 

**Not responsible for sick or dead breedables, lost or destroyed No copy/no trans/no mod items when we reclaim parcels**

This region is subject to Excalibur Rentals Rules and Regulations as well as Second life's TOS: Any violation could result in a repossession of property. For any questions, exemptions, or to pay land tier fee's visit the Excalibur Rentals Main office. You can also simply IM our manager bot Cherri Levenque to have your questions forwarded to all of our staff online or not for a quick response.

We try not to place overly burdensome regulations on our residents, so we don't have a lot. What we do have is for a good reason.


Real Life Laws: (Yes, RL Sucks and regulates our escape from it)

Before setting up a business, club, or group, check the laws in your City, State, Country. It is YOUR responsibility not to violate any laws governing you, because of the anonymity of secondlife we cannot possibly know what rules apply to you, and even if we  knew where you are from, we couldn't possibly know all of your laws.


**If the region is classified as Residential you may not put in a store/ club/ casino ect.  Ask a manager for any exemptions.  If the region is classified as mixed, buildings may not be any taller than two stories.

In all cases make sure the maturity level meets the kind of use you will need! Be sure of what you will need and plan ahead, it can be difficult to upgrade in the future.

**Only commercial and mixed are available for a store. If you wish to have a casino you must carefully follow SL's TOS and meet their requirements. We may require you to rent a full homestead or Full Island if you wish to own a club, we will also have to go through the application process for skill gaming and do not plan to unless the need arises. 


**If you wish to run a club, depending on your traffic we will require you to rent at least 1/4th of a full sim.

-Up to 25 av's 1/4th Full sim

-Up to 50 Av's 1/2   Full sim

-Up to 75 Av's 3/4th Full Sim

-Up to 100 Full sim.

-20 and under and you could run it on a full homestead. **Not recommended but it's your club**

**Sky boxes are allowed, we just ask that it be placed over 1000 meters. In some cases we may ask that a home placed on the land that is used as a sky box.  No boxed-skyboxes are allowed below 1000 meters.**

**We ask that you respect a 16 sqm easement around your property lines to avoid issues with neighbors. For any questions/ exemptions speak with a manager. 

**Fences cannot be any higher than waist high, or 1 meter.  Think of a picket fence no more than waist to shoulder height on a normal sized avatar.  In addition, prim tree walls/single prim surrounds are not allowed; this isn't mainland- there are ways to cloak your parcel so that the renters cannot be seen.  Prim/sculpt, or mesh trees, hedges or bushes themselves are, however approved.  We will however make an exemption for small fences.   Talk to one of the staff to check for an exemption.


**Bots are allowed as long as they have a purpose. We DO NOT allow bots to increase traffic. Read the SL TOS on bots for what is and is not allowed. **


6.3 Additional rules of conduct apply to users of Second Life:

In addition to the rules set forth in Sections 6.1 and 6.2 above, you agree that you will not:

(i) Use robots or other automated means to increase traffic to any Virtual Land.


**You will Restrict all Sounds, Avatar Sounds, and Voice to your parcel: About Land> Audio tab.

**You will not allow All Residents to Create Objects. This invites prim littering or griefing. About Land>Options>Create Objects

**If you have any objects causing a large amount of lag we will ask you to turn off scripts or remove the object, if it continues to be a problem we will remove it for you with a warning.

**Orbs: As long as you know how to use them and don't OMFGBBQ your neighbor we allow them, if we get complaints from your neighbors that they are getting slammed by your orb we will return it. Ask a manager for help or questions on orbs.

**Ban lines: We would rather you not have them but it's up to you.  BAN-LINES ARE VIEWER-SIDE, meaning that you see them in your viewer, or not. Restricting to group is setting up ban-lines.

-Alternatively: We run a bot affiliate in our main office, come take a look at them and see if any will fit your needs, you can also look into getting a plug in that will make it a security bot that will work without harming your neighbors.

**Prims: If you need more contact one of our managers and we can add more provided we have any available at the time.

Base Prim rates: *Subject to change based on L$ values that are beyond our control*

4096 sqm: 1250 Prims: L$1162

Additional prims- depending on availability

For additional prim or more land, contact one of our staff and we will get back to you to help with your needs.

**Being able to add additional land and prims is dependent on availability. Plan ahead and know what you need. If you know you will need more buy a parcel next to an empty one, buy two and combine them, or contact a manager about finding land in a different region**

If you need a full region contact management, since islands are a large investment we may have you pay a long term lease to protect our business.

If you have any unanswered questions, please IM our staff and we will answer your questions asap.

Thank you for your interest,