Our Terms of Secvice


Before you rent from us

** All conversations are recorded for training and quality purposes **

Before renting, we ask that you please read the following terms so that you, the potential Renter have a clear understanding of the contract between Yourself and Excalibur Rentals.

- I acknowledge that refunds are not offered FOR ANY REASON. Upgrades are generally approved, however downsizing is only done when your account is 48 hours or less from due, on a case by case basis.

- I acknowledge that mainland parcels can never be retextured or deeded as per the restrictions set out by Linden Labs. 

- You cannot return group prims or see who has objects on the parcel; however, a prim counter can be deeded to the parcel. 

- I hereby acknowledge that if I or my guests are found to be causing grief or harm to the company, it will result in immediate eviction and banning without refund, warning, or notice.


- Depending on the parcel size: I will limit breedables to 10 on ground level. All animations MUST be turned off.  Any other number of Breedables *must* be kept on a platform at least 1000 meters in the air.

-  If seen using too many scripted objects you will  be asked to reduce the amount of scripts you are using for the overall health of the sim. 

- Temp Rezzers that cause the sim performance to suffer are not allowed. 

- I acknowledge that I might be asked to reduce the amount of scripts I am using for the overall health of the sim. 

- I will keep my platforms at least 1,000 meters and up 

- I will keep my prims within the limits I am paying for and within my parcel boundaries

- All communication with Excalibur Agents will be done in text and not voice.

- Excalibur is not responsible for lost breedables, and no-copy objects.

-If I am renting a dome, Moderate Community Parcel or a parcel in Horizons, I understand and accept that it is residential only, and I agree that I will not have active breedables nor will I conduct a business out of it.

- I acknowledge that assistance from an Excalibur Agent with landscaping and builds is beyond what is provided from Excalibur, and is subject to fees at the Agent's discretion.

-Agents provide troubleshooting with Media Streams, rental boxes, deeding items, setting security orbs, filing tickets with LL, and returning items.

-Excalibur Rentals cannot be held responsible for issues caused by Linden Labs, such as Grid downtime and crashing, or glitches on the grid. If issues arise we will lobby on behalf of our renters, but in the end issues such as that are between Linden lab and the resident.

- I have read the FAQ NC or Sim Covenant

We expect all of our renters and our staff to communicate with each other as mature, responsible adults. Any vulgar, aggressive, confrontational or overtly argumentative language or conversation whether it is related to Excalibur business or of a personal nature will not be tolerated and will result in immediate eviction without notice.

Excalibur Reserves the right to terminate any and all rental agreements without warning if found to be within violation to the above statements or Linden Labs Terms of Service.

Terms are subject to change without notice.

Mall Rentals


Our Mall Rental TOS

Here you will find the guidelines of our mall rentals.  These as well as our regular terms of service will apply to your mall rental. 

Our rental signs are pre-set for L$75 wk for 50 prims. If you want to upgrade please be sure to let Management know, so they can set the rental sign to your needs. Please take note do not offer lesser prims/prims. Our prices & prims are set as is.


Excalibur Rentals reserves the right to refuse rentals to any individual for any reason that is found to be offensive, against TOS, Excalibur Rules or any reason we find. There will be no refunds once rental has been paid, unless we find it was a mistake on Excalibur Rentals part.

You must be in the Excalibur Rentals Group before placing any items out in a shop, due to lands auto return is turned on. If you do not lay out items under group, it will be automatically returned to you.


Rental payments are made at your shop by using the rental box outside of your shop, to the left. This rental box will inform you both in world & email when your payment is due or in arrears.  If you normally get capped in world, always check your e-mail for notices, but if you do not get notices to your e-mail then we suggest you keep close track of your rent. At times you may receive a message by PM and/or NC about your overdue rent for your shop.

Once you have made a payment please contact one of the people listed below for Group Invite

We will do our best to keep the sim lag to a minimum; however, the biggest lag issues with stores/shops are always high scripted Vendors, so we have chosen to keep to a minimum on scripted vendors. Please take a moment to see the list of items that are NOT allowed:



✘ Highly Scripted Vendors - 2 Scripts Max! (Turn off Floating Text on ALL Vendors!)   

✘ No Floating Text (Floating text on Landmark givers are ok)

✘ Timers

✘ Listeners

✘ Particles/Emitters

✘ Sounds

✘ Rotating Objects

✘ Web Connect Scripts

✘ Spamming Vendors

✘ Spamming Items (That spams customers as they walk by e.i. Group Invites)

✘ Visitor Counters

✘ Sensors of ANY kind

✘ Unboxed/Live Animals (chickens/turtles/rabbits/horses/kittens/pigs/cats/dogs)

✘ Unboxed Egg Protectors - Rabbit Nests - Horse Baby Bundles & so on...

✘ Campers/Bots (Anything that inhances traffic)

✘ Lucky Chairs

✘ Renting out your own Ad Boards 

✘ Anything of an "Adult" nature. This is a Mature sim, not an Adult one; Please keep all genitalia covered.

NOTE:  We can NOT turn auto-return off so that group inviters can be placed out.

If we find items that do not comply with our rules they will be returned w/out notice. If they are found a second time after being told or returned, we have the right to terminate your lease w/out refund.

Our goal is to make the sim as lag free as possible and enjoyable for everyone that visits. Please be sure to do your part to help us in maintaining that goal.


 All space inside is yours, the space in front of your shop MUST be kept clear and open. Respect each other’s space. Please do not place anything outside of the store.

Please keep within your prim allotment, we will return any items that go over the prims you are allowed. If you feel you need more prims please speak to the staff about readjusting your lease to fit your prim needs.

Your store sign; You are able to put your logo into the Casper sign above your store. Please keep in mind, that your texture needs to be full perm.

NO LIVING ABOVE THE SHOP - The shops are commercial only.  Anyone found living above them will be removed and their prims returned.

LAND RENTALS ARE NOT ABLE TO BE DOWNGRADED TO A SHOP ONLY; these are two entirely different rentals within our system and they cannot be reallocated/transferred.

Objects that need to be "Deed to Land" are NOT allowed, please do not ask, we will not allow it.  If you need something like that, we have island parcels that are very inexpensive for a full store.

Please pay your rentals on time, if your shop rental goes unpaid we reserve the right to return your items and put your shop back up for rental. Our rental system will send you notices how long & when your rental is due.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only allow you to be 24 hrs in arrears. After which time, your items will be auto returned & shop will then become available for someone else.

Although reminding you that your rent is due is not our responsibility, we have found that due to our busy office, there are times you do not get your reminder. We will offer a reminder, but please don't rely on that; we're busy too. Keeping track of your own rental time saves everyone time.

If you will be away during the time when your rent is due, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to pay prior to that time. We at Excalibur Rentals do understand that sometimes things happen in RL unexpectedly, but we are not responsible for making sure your spot is held and will return your items if rent is not paid and/or we have heard from you. We may work with you if it is within reason, and that will be at Excalibur Rentals discretion. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a friend or alt. make a payment for you, this does NOT mean that they take over your payments or shop rental, the system will not switch names. Unless you personally contact a member of Management to have the name on the rental changed, you will remain the shop renter.


You will not spam or advertise in the Excalibur Rentals groups, nor will the Staff do it for you.  Advertising for your shop, is your own responsibility.


Our MAIN goal is to have an attractive place to shop for everyone that visits the Excalibur Rentals Main office. We WILL strive to make sure your experience here with us is a pleasant one. We will NOT tolerate; Threatening, Abusive, Disruptive, Harassing, Indecent or Perverted Behaviors. If you experience ANY of these anywhere on the Excalibur Rentals Office parcel, please let management know immediately and we will take immediate action, whether it be a Ban or Report to Linden Lab (which you as a member of SL should also do a report of such abuse.)

Please document anything that would help us in enforcing this (snap shots and/or Notecards of the offender's chat, logs, etc.).

Once again Welcome to Excalibur Rentals. Any questions or if you need help, please contact a Staff member or Management and we will do our best to help you.

Thank you!

Excalibur Rentals' Management



By paying the Rental Box, for a store with The Shoppes @ Excalibur Rentals, you have read & agreed to our policies, rules & rental agreement, and therefore you are stating that you understand, that by not abiding by our agreement, Excalibur Rentals has the right to terminate your lease at any time.