Want to know why you should rent with us? Listen to some of our past and current renters!

Ladyysatispichot: I will tell you what rocks about Ex and why I keep coming back. There has been no outrageous request they haven’t been able to accommodate, someone is almost always around to help, Selection and price cannot be beat, hands down. There’s a ton of other stuff too, like sexy CSRs and referral benefits, but when I need land I always check here first. 

KylaRea: The excellent services  we get from out agents !! I haven’t been with Excalibur long so as of right now I am very happy renting from you 

I have been renting land from Excalibur for about a year and a half. I have often only rented short term while I was building a project. The staff at Excalibur has never given me a hard time about this. But welcome me back with open arms each time I am looking for another parcel. The customer service is excellent. They are always there for us and let us know they are there for us by chat group. I love the land choices they have because I like unique mainland and that is what they specialize in with prices that can’t be beat.

Shakti Adored – artist/project organizer

My land has always been taken care of while renting from here. I own my own business and personal house on two different properties of Excalibur because of the way they treat people. The staff is always helpful and I’ve never had a problem not get resolved quickly.  If I decide to rent a 3rd piece of land I’ll be renting it from them as well.

MasterIceStorm – Rogue Male Revue

Diana Nightingale says I have been renting with Excalibur for close to about 3 years now, the staff is friendly and the land rates are to die for, I have never had a problem with any of my neighbors or Lag issues, the sims are kept up to date and they are pretty flexible on breed-ables too ^^. Fen Normally scolds me cause i change lands like I do clothes but at the end of the day the client comes first and they treat you more like family ^^

Owners of Karved & Shari’s Gachas have this to say about Excalibur Rentals:

We have lived here for quite a while now, we got exactly what we wanted land wise and well under the price we were looking for it. We did, I have to admit have to wait to see what the catch was, there isn’t one.You will get trouble free land renting, easy payment options, great staff and the easiest by far land rentals I have ever dealt with in my 10 years of living in SL. We have our land and our store here where we sell [Karved] Tattoos by Toby Velvetleaf and Gachas from my overly huge inventory!We love living here and have no intentions of moving as not just ourselves live here but we have brought family over too and got a very nice bonus from the guys at Excalibur too for bringing in renters – FANTASTIC 5 ***** service all the way!