About Us

In Business in Secondlife® since 2005

First and foremost Excalibur Rentals is a 3rd party independent business inside of Second Life® and is in no way shape or form affiliated with Second Life®. Second Life® is a trademark of Linden Research, Inc.®.  We started out in Sinica back in 2005  Back then Second Life® was only played as a hobby and for fun.  Over the years we have slowly grown into one of the largest mainland rental groups.  Our mission is to do everything possible to make mainland a viable and fun place to be by sticking to the original premise of Second Life®: giving our residents the freedom to create making it "Their world, their imagination".

Mainland does have a few limitations; the main one being, we can't deed the land to peoples groups.   While we would love to allow people to deed to their group, current limitations within SL won't allow us to; the group the land is deeded to becomes the owner of the land, which would take ownership away from us.  *IF SL ever changes it so sub-deeding as an option, we will offer that option immediately, free of charge!   

Please note: with Mainland we can't restart a sim *BUT* if there is an issue let us know immediately so we can turn in a support ticket and have a Linden™ get it fixed.  It can take several days for the Lindens™ to get to it, depending on how big of a backlog there is for support, so the sooner you let us know, the sooner the issue can get fixed! virtual land games virtual reality

We also offer island estates

Islands offer several things we can't offer with mainland:

*The ability to deed the land to your group

*We can restart sims 

(We restart them several times a week to keep performance optimal)

*More privacy. Since islands stand alone rather than as part of a continuous continent, you don't have random people coming along as often.