Frequently Asked Questions

Why Rent From Excalibur?

Our customers are important to us, so we strive to make your experience with us the best it can possibly be with great friendly staff that give top notch service.If you ever have any problems just ask for help in group or visit our office and we will help you ASAP. *In the event of a griefer we will do everything in our power to help you, but ultimately you will need to file an abuse report with Linden lab®, we can help you and we *will* have your back.

We give our renters on mainland full rights to do what they need*

As a renter you can:
Invite your friends into our group. They will have the "Friend of Excalibur" tag. The friend tag is just so they can set out objects on your land and set your land as "Home". We didn't give them a lot of rights due to griefing issues.


Toggle "Show in search" so you can advertise your parcel

Change parcel name & Description

Set landing point


Change music & Media settings

Edit terrain

Toggle various about land>options settings

Parcel powers:

You get all parcel powers

Manage access list

Manage ban list

Eject and freeze


Return non-group objects

Landscaping using Linden plants

We don't allow the ability to return objects owned by group or objects set to group due to griefer issues. We would love to but imagine someone returning your stuff every day.....this is for your protection.


Deed objects to group

You also get chat access to our group so if you are having issues you can ask for help/ help someone. 

IF someone becomes disruptive in our group chat by spamming attacking other residents or attempting to cause damage to Excalibur (Of any kind) we *will* remove you from the renter role to just the friend role for a cool down period depending on the severity, in some cases we will evict you all together. Do NOT abuse the powers we give you and there will be no problems. We want to provide our residents as enjoyable of an experience as possible without drama, negativity, attacks or harrasment so we will not tolerate any attempts to undermine that.

In some cases we will also report you to Linden lab®

Can I deed/ retexture island/ mainland

Mainland can never be retextured or deeded although we do have a jvtek™ vendor in our mall that can cover the ground. It has a youtube video explaining how it works....or you can ask Fenris Ash if she can do it for you.*

Our staff tends to work pretty hard on customer service calls, in the event you want something built, placed, terraformed that is something time consuming that they may charge you for. That is between you and them, not a service Excalibur offers, work it out with them in advance and if they want to charge you to do it don't be upset. Excalibur only offers land so you can build your dream the way you want it. (DIY)

Island: Island is always deedable and you can do what you want, just make sure you read the rules, we DO NOT allow prim walls.

The only way an island can be retextured is if you are the first person on the island (In the case that there are more parcels than yours we ultimately have the final say, if it's something only you like, we won't be able to use it) if you own the entire island, you use a jvtek to place a layer over the ground with the texture you like, or if you set out a textured prim on the ground. The ground prim must be mostly flush with the ground, otherwise it's the same thing as a prim wall.

What are your rules?

Typically we don't have a lot of rules/ zoning or any of that, what rules we do have are listed in our office or you can get them from a staff member.

We generally don't alter our rules much, although we do from time to time except for when someone comes up with a way that we end up needing to change it to keep the rest of our residents experience as enjoyable as possible.The more places we have to put our rules, the more likely it is that we will miss something, so we chose to keep it as simple as possible.

If you decide to upgrade, we're very glad to help you at any time; we just ask that you pay the first week at that time; all current tier is transferred at that point.  If you need to downgrade, that is done on a case by case basis, and only when your tier is 48 hours from when you are due.

Do you hire?

Yes! We are always looking for great people to add to our team, we just have a few things we require.

You have to be one of our renters. Why? First, if you've been with us for awhile you have a basic understanding of how we operate. We've also found that those that don't tend to care a little less about helping. Thats just a few reasons out of many. If you don't like it don't apply, arguing about it will get you put on our "No way in hell will this person ever work for us" list.

Do you have specials/ promotions?

Of course, we don't have them all of the time, mainly because we are one of the cheapest rental companies on the grid. We don't do it to get wealthy....we do it to give you a great experience living in sl as affordable as possible while giving you the best service we can.

We also ALWAYS reward you for sending your friends by giving you a 5% referral bonus for how ever much time your friend pays for up front. What ever they pay in the first 24 hours, even if they pay for a month, you get 5% of all of that as a "Thank you" for helping us out. If you send enough people our way, you can make a pretty big chunk of change.

We pay out every Sunday for accounting purposes

Do you refund?

Sorry, we do not. We pay our agents and referrals from what you pay us, it is not fair to them for all the work they did to help you find land (Many times hours) just to have to turn around and tell them, oh, by the way, this person decided they wanted their money back an hour after  you got done taking all that time to help them....we aren't going to do that to our people.  Also our costs for land is fixed by Linden Lab®; rented or not it all costs us the same.